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Homeownership Reimagined

Own your home with confidence using Kataba.

Get instant access to repair details, warranties, maintenance plans, and property history.

No surprises, just peace of mind.

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Unlock your home's story with Kataba's lejablox

Instantly access details on repairs, warranties, maintenance plans, and property history for total property transparency.

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Why Choose Kataba

Securely track your home's history.

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Easy Setup

Join Kataba effortlessly with a quick, hassle-free setup.

Smart History Management

With Kataba's digital ledger, rest assured all legal info and property conditions are covered.

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Never forget a repair! Kataba tracks everything.

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Save time and money on repairs with Kataba.

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Securely access your most important property records.

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Stay Informed. Make Informed Decisions

Kataba delivers property insights through augmented intelligence.

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AI-powered feedback on repair needs.

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Health analysis of your property.

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Real-Time Updates

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Why People Choose Kataba

"Kataba makes sense."

There is no excuse for the complexity and opacity of today’s antiquated, disjointed home-buying experience.  Kataba...makes good business sense.

~ Virginia Darter, Homeowner

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